Monday, July 1, 2013

Warning to Job Hunters

If you're one of the many searching for a position these days this post is for you. There are sites that advertise free job board software where an individual can throw up a job board and then solicit postings from companies in need of workers for a fee. Usually to look legit  the poster will post bogus jobs. These jobs often use legit companies but at locations that don't exist.  This tactic of posting jobs that don't exist is also used by the big headhunter corporations like Accountemps to recruit and draw talent into there pool.

Not only do these bogus listings detract from a job searcher's time but they also sucker a job seeker into handing out personal information on a network that is certainly without a modicum of security and can be a source for spam and malware.  

Here's and example of a fraudulently posted job:

This listing is for a position with a company that actually exists, but that does not exist in East Chicago, IN. This location is not listed at the legitimate website:

And, not only doesn't the location exist, this company has its own job listings on the website and this job in East Chicago isn't listed there either. To make matters worse, the fraudulent job board poster has copied verbatim from this legitimate website a posting of a job in Illinois. This makes the fraudulent posting seem even more real. 

So how do you protect yourself? It is better to go directly to a company website and research jobs there. Be sure that anywhere you enter personal information is secured. And when in doubt call the company and ask about that East Chicago location. And good luck on your job search. 

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