Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Websites DIY?

Here are a few ways that you can bring your business to the web:

 Use the tools on the web to do it yourself.
This option is attractive to technically orientated business owners. It certainly is the cheapest alternative and there is some reasonable and even free software available on the web or from hosting providers. This option is good for someone who has a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of website building. You should also purchase a good picture editor and learn how to use it or have someone professionally edit or do your photography. 

Find a friend who will do it free or for nominal fee
Beware of this option. In my marketing rounds I frequently hear of this option being used to the detriment of all. Students and friends move on to other things and are unavailable when things need updating, problems arise, or you need password information.

Hire an cheap online service
Companies like Yahoo have services online that allow you to acquire a website for sometimes 1/2 the cost of a professional. The site will be more generic and you will be required to upload some of the information. In addition there may be additional fees for add ons. Search Engine Optimization may not be included for all search engines. Future support might be spotty at best.

Hire a professional
You may be pleasantly surprised if you have shied away from a website because of cost. A 5-6 page site that provides contact information, service and production info, and a newsletter sign up can be obtained for a nominal fee. Additional fees are required only for more fancier sites with Flash programming or security encrypted sites with shopping carts. And if you require Flash or shopping carts you should hire a professional; these are not options that would be recommended for the DIY. When you go with a professional you will be assured of follow up if problems should arise.


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