Monday, July 25, 2011

Why bring your business to the web?

Over the past week I've spent a lot of time promoting my business to local businesses in an attempt to drum up some business in this somewhat tough economic climate.

I don't know that I've made any sales, but I have located some local sources for products that I might have purchased over the internet because I was unable to find them locally from an internet search.

My local grocery quit carrying an herb that I like to use in my cooking, savory. Preferring to buy local produce when available, I'd been searching all over for the tasty seasoning. I started my search on the internet. Performing a search on my home city, Valparaiso, Indiana and herbs/savory. I tried both Google and Bing, and with no results, I searched Yahoo. The closest place I found was a business in Ohio. I bookmarked the site and decided to search locally on foot.

Most people today would order from the online source if a local business does not appear on the search. Last week I found the local business, that just happened to carry other items that I had been looking for also.

Turns out that the business had been there for years but I would have missed it had I not been our promoting my services. And that is why your business needs to be on the web.

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