Monday, June 25, 2012

Facebook Posts for Business

You can now post your Facebook content for a more convenient time for your audience. By clicking on the clock icon on the bottom of your post box you can choose the best time and date for your posts.

And what time is optimal for your posts? This takes a little of experimentation and a review of your Facebook metrics. You'll want to time your posts so that your post appears at the top of your customer's news feed. So the best time to post really depends on what you're posting and who your customer is. If you are posting to a younger crowd who is likely to be online between 11PM-12AM then you might try a post at that time.

But if your customers are likely to be early risers a post at 7AM to 9AM may get you better results. And whatever time is best for your business, it's now easier to tweak and schedule with the new Facebook timer.      

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