Monday, June 24, 2013

Are Times Harder for Small Business?

When Constant Contact asked small business owners if it was more difficult to run a small business now compared to five years ago 59% said yes. Most cited the economy and keeping up with technology the main challenges that face businesses today.

But online tools were cited as pluses to head off the competition that comes from direct sources as well as big business. The online tools were cited as not only leveling off the playing field between big and small businesses but also were considered more affordable tools to get the word out there to customers than yesterday's marketing sources.

And while more businesses are using email and social media to market to prospective customers, 23% state it's difficult to keep up with technology. These businesses are at risk of losing to the competition. Many of today's customers look to the personal contact that they receive through social media and online marketing. Building those kinds of relationships and being available to customers takes time away from the ordinary day to day business of the swamped small business owner.

That's when a web consultant can step in and manage your online media marketing. Posting on a regular basis to social media, responding to your customers requests and inquiries, and handling newsletter campaigns increases your customer base and sales and costs less than yesterday's marketing initiatives.

And with the new marketing tools 58% of small business owners say that their businesses will be thriving 5 years from now---optimism that can't be beat.

Source: Constant Contact Survey

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