Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adding to the Cost of Doing Business

Bringing your business up to date technologically can have considerable benefits but at considerable expense. It is tempting to cut corners.

Cutting corners by purchasing second hand, slower, and less up to date desktops can be a smart move if your business can make do without the speed.

Cutting corners by not purchasing the correct software licenses may not be a wise move.

Consider what would happen if your system came crashing down and you required the software vendor's help to get it going again. If your licensing was in order this would not be a major issue with the vendor and may even be part of the total package of the software purchase.

If you had been short changing the software vendor on the license fees, it may not even be possible to get your business up and running again. You may even experience problems if you had been regularly backing up. Software depends on all sorts of programming parts and may fail if not properly installed with the correct license information.

So when you prepare this year's IT budget make sure to budget for the correct number of licenses but save on those used desktops to replace some of your antiquated equipment.           

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