Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corel Paintshop Pro's Smart Photo Fix

Some of your photos (chances are not many) will look gorgeous without any photo editing. This picture is a good example of a photo that might be able to pass muster on its own without editing:

Pretty good. But as I've learned more often than not a good picture can be taken up a notch by some quick photo editing. One quick way to take your photo up a notch in Corel Paint Shop Pro is running the photo through the Smart Photo Fix. Here's the same photo after accepting the program's suggested settings:

The photo's sharpness and brightness settings were brought up a notch making the photo 
pop and glow. The recommended settings usually change your photo for the best in either subtle or big ways, depending on how much help your photo needs. 

If you are creating a special effect in your photo or for photos that are taken in a mist or fog, it is sometimes necessary to back off the recommended settings; an easy thing to do in the Paint Shop Pro's Smart Photo Fix's window. 

So, even if you think your photo is already perfect, run it through the photo editor to make it dazzle.  

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