Monday, May 9, 2011

Product pictures

Taking pictures of your products to post to the web can be challenging. Here are the top issues that need to be considered.

  • The pictures need to show true color: No editing here. Pictures need to be taken in daylight if possible. If the product can't be moved to good light then invest in some good lights that represent daylight.
  • The photos need to be clear. Don't skimp on this. Make sure that even if the customer zooms in the picture remains clear.
  • The photo should be close enough to give your customer a good view of your product. And, ideally, all angles should be covered. Customers like to know what they're buying. Even if you are selling antiques with patina be sure to show the patina.   
  • The background should be uncluttered and not distracting. And make sure the product doesn't blend into the background.
  • Products should sparkle. Take a closer look at pictures on the web that catch your eye before all others. Sometimes the pictures are taken at odd angles or with other artistic license. Experiment for some eye catching results.
With fantastic pictures, you'll be selling products in no time.

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