Monday, November 28, 2011

Competing online

Many small businesses are adding their presences online. And in the recent economic times this can be a smart business direction to go. Small businesses that service a niche can actually gain a stronghold over the big box stores because the small business does one thing and does that one thing well.

Small businesses can also position themselves on online search engines above the big box stores too. When you search for a sewing machine with a smart phone, for example, Walmart may not even come up as a store that carries sewing machines. (Even though they do.) This gives a small business a new advantage just by having a presence online.

And the more activity you have online the better your placement will be over all your competition. So blogs, responsive answers to email questions, frequent updates to your website, forums, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts can prove to your customers that a small business is a great place to go for good old fashioned responsive products and services.

Have a profitable Cyber Monday!        

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