Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kill SOPA and Protect IP

It's difficult for a small business to compete with the big guys. But in today's internet dominated world it is becoming easier for small business to get the word out about offerings a consumer may not even be aware of when choosing between the big and the small.

For example, a small business may provide more support and training for the products that are sold and what better way to get that kind of word out than on a website, blog, and social media?

But now there are 2 laws that are before congress that threaten to stymy that ability to compete on the world stage. Supported by big business and media companies, SOPA and Protect IP are laws that would affect what can be used and reused on the internet. Most small business have to start with basics, building with minimal tools---it's difficult enough to get started without having to reinvent the wheel.

Certainly copyrights should be protected. But not to the extent that the cost is shutting small businesses out of the internet or requiring small business to hire lawyers to govern every step that is made online. Government's role needs to be reconsidered. SOPA and Protect IP are laws that are counter productive and need to be stopped.

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