Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Small Business is Best

What makes small businesses worth extra attention this holiday season and through out the year? Consider:

  • Small businesses are more responsive to customer needs. Need something special that the local small business doesn't normally carry? Most of the time all you need to do is ask and you shall receive.
  • Small businesses know their customers. Frequent a local shop and you'll soon be greeted by name---no longer a nameless stranger deserving the same treatment as the nameless behind you in line. You'll be a valued customer.
  • Personal service; many small businesses offer instructions, home set up of goods, and help with any issues you may have. Unique, personalized products are available from small businesses. And those small business owners are experts about the products they sell.
  • Small businesses will stand by you if there is a problem, help work through it with you, and deal with the manufacturer if necessary.       
  • Small businesses and their owners are part of the community. They're more likely to contribute to that local cause, contribute to that community Christmas light, build that community rapport. 
Services and products at small businesses can be more expensive but not always. And if you consider that you are getting more service for the dollar and that the jobs offered at small, local businesses are often better than that obtainable in the alternatives----small businesses deserve additional consideration this holiday season and the whole year through.    

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