Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Key words

So you've decided on your email campaign. You have everything put together and ready to go. Take another look at your subject line.

What persuades you to open an email? What are the key ingredients that make an email irresistible to open? How do you increase your open rate to a figure better than 20%?

Offering your customer what they want in clear and concise verbiage can insure that your emails are not automatically headed toward the delete pile. Make sure your customers know who you are, what your business is, and what this particular email has to offer them.

What need does your customer have that this email can help them with? What information can help the customer with a future or current project? Why is this an event that your customer would like to attend?

Customers love the words free, gift, exclusive, event, party....but don't get into the habit of stating something that your email doesn't deliver or future emails will be ignored---deleted, unopened and you will lose opportunities to enthrall, assist, and interact with your current and future customers.     

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