Monday, December 19, 2011

Current Customers and your Website

Your website, email and newsletter lists, and social media are ways to be in constant contact with your customers. It's out of sight out of mind when your customer is not in your physical location. And these days people are so busy they are not going to be thinking of your business much on their own.

Encouraging use of your website and social media allows customers to discover immediately when you bring out a new product line. If that customer takes the new product home and has a question regarding the use, information on the website can provide a timely solution that produces more satisfaction with the product.

And, of course, more satisfaction can translate into more sales. Keeping customers satisfied and excited about your offerings is also easier online. Your business is not only vying for business from competitors but also the customer's time and interest in your very products.

Does your customer spend time with a video game or a more creative product like a sewing machine? Does the sewing machine go into the closet in lieu of a big screen television? Only you and your marketing can keep your product out in front of your customer. Making it easy, immensely more interesting, and exciting to visit your business over and over again.

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