Monday, September 17, 2012

Listing on eBay

If you opt for an official store on eBay you can take advantage of the Turbo Lister program. This program allows you to create your listings while you're offline and then upload the listings to eBay at your convenience.

And the program works slightly faster than creating listings on the eBay site. For example pictures load a bit faster, although not quite as fast as they really should. One of the best features, though, is that you can create listings that use the same format each and every time.

One of the most disconcerting and confusing issues that new users may experience with eBay is the lack of uniformity with forms; go into a listing via the catalog and you get certain data, go in another way and you get another set of data to complete altogether. Sometimes you are required to set your listing and then go back through to get all the fields that are necessary for the listing to appear in the search engine properly.

Not so with Turbo Lister. Each and every time you are presented with the data fields that you need to complete the listing and it's efficiently on just one page---all present for your preview. You can make templates, keep track of items for sale, and monitor sales records. And the program creates a database that you can use to generate all sorts of information.

There are some issues, though. If you make an error for example, and try to list something with the same title, the program doesn't generate an error message, but simply crashes. If you have trouble with the program crashing it is more than likely a problem with the listing that you're working on. This is, hopefully, something that will be fixed in future versions of the program.

If you manage an eBay store, the Turbo Lister is worth a try.      

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