Monday, September 24, 2012

Fifteen Minutes a Day to Social Marketing

So you think that you have no time to maintain a social media marketing policy.

Consider allotting 15 minutes a day to research and post to  Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest pages. Business Posts greater than 3-4 per week are intrusive and too much for most people. Quality not quantity rules on social media. With an initial goal of 2-3 posts per week you can keep quality in your posts, insuring that your audience is engaged and not ignoring what you've got to offer.

Perform your research for future posts on days when you're not posting. Open up a personal Pinterest page and post ideas to your personal page. This gives you a preview of how popular your posts may be once posted to your business pages.

Posts can pass on items of interest related to your business from around the web, events that your business is having, and news about your area. The ultimate goal of social media for business is  keeping the audience engaged, making your business an indispensable source of knowledge and information, keeping you in front of the competition.        

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