Monday, March 4, 2013

On Printers

A few years ago I purchased an HP Photosmart Premium 309C printer. I was looking for something that would print spectacular photographs, brochures, handle two sided printing, business cards, and knock out resumes.

Not a good decision. My first printer was returned to HP. It printed one inspirational photo and then decided everything else should be covered with a blue tinge. The second printer was sent by HP directly to my home after a myriad of phone calls to somewhere in India and massive frustration due to speaking to people who don't care to learn the English language in order to deliver even a mediocre amount of customer service.

The second printer never kept a wireless connection for more than one print job, did atrocious brochures, mediocre photographs, and resumes with random lines through them even with multiple attempts to align print heads and through the many, many costly print cartridges. Since the wireless was simply an added bonus that I really hadn't been looking for in the purchase, I used the printer wired. But even wired, every print job was a struggle, something that I looked to with dread. It finally puked one day in the middle of a shipping label. I tried to troubleshoot with HP's website and instead of an answer got a request to participate in a survey to tell HP how they were doing. I did complete the survey with little expectation of anything further---stating that I had been an HP customer for over 30 years---loved their early 250C computers that were real workhorses, economical to print, and, with the exception of the print drivers that would sometimes get overwhelmed, were really decent printers. I also stated that after all that time I was parting company with HP because of poor product and poor service. HP apparently didn't care---I got no response back.

I then went down to the local Walmart and made what has become the best purchase of a printer since that 250c that worked so well ---and for the cost of an HP cartridge pack. The model I bought was a Canon MG21---clear printing, trouble free, loads it's drivers in Vista or Windows 7 without issue and in about 15 minutes time takes care of everything for you. Every time I go to print, instead of dread, I experience the joy that comes with knowing that I purchased a superior product at the best possible cost. The cartridges cost a bit more but last 3-4 times longer than that hungry HP.

It's a shame that my brand loyalty made me suffer through that last HP but I'm suffering no longer. And it's a shame that HP puts out such awful products and service these days.    

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