Monday, March 18, 2013

Sales through Social Marketing

It is possible to garner sales and new customers through your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. But it requires diligence, patience, and dedication. Simply posting a page and a couple of posts and then recruiting your friends to like your page is not usually enough to garner what you need for sales.

A formula of a couple of posts per week; a mixture of information, freebies, and business news to keep things mixed up and constant monitoring is the recipe to create an environment that eventually has new customers and sales coming in.

Too much activity can be detrimental to your goals too---keep posts interesting and different and limited to 2-3 per week.While researching how small businesses use social media to generate activity I came across an antique store that had over 5400 page likes. This store, out in the middle of Indiana cornfields, about 100 miles from any good sized city, garnered my attention. The Facebook page posted in 2011 generates interest through posting events and new products on the page and makes the company larger than life.

The page was exciting enough to tempt me to travel the 200 miles round trip to find out just how the company matched up to the excitement generated by the Facebook page. And what I uncovered, was what I had suspected all along---with the right formula of social media marketing even a small business can look much larger than life on the Internet. I was actually a bit disappointed by the physical location and the business itself but the Facebook page did its job---it got a customer in to the business to have a look.              

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