Monday, April 22, 2013

It's About Staying Connected

Making it in today's economical environment is all about relationships. Marketing doesn't end at the sale any longer. Keeping customers close throughout the life of your product through training, events, and support insures a happy customer will bring in more like minded customers and return to you for product replacement. How do you do that?

By staying connected. Websites, Social Media, and blogs are a great way to keep customers in the loop. These all provide a platform for education, communication, and innovation. When a customer succeeds in the use of something you sell, recommends your product, or innovates outside of the box you have an avenue that can reward that customer. And there is nothing like a public pat on the back to bring a flock of people to see who and what created the kudos.

Today's marketing doesn't stop at point of sale.  And more than ever before today's marketing has sale potential. By staying connected even potential problems can be turned into potential sales opportunities. And businesses who commit to communicating and responsiveness capture the market with additional sales and returning customers.

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