Monday, April 29, 2013

Your Online Strategy

Every now and then it's great to rethink, reconsider, and regroup your online marketing plan. Things may be going along according to plan, but could you be getting more out of your plan? There are many reasons to go online with your business. Perhaps it's only to get your name out there. Maybe you're a start up and feel that since your competition has a website your business also needs one.

But beyond the decision of connecting social media and a website with your physical business there should be an overall marketing plan. Consider the future of your business. Are you capable of online sales or do you even want to plan in that direction? Should your business focus only on the local customer base and remain smaller to focus on what you've been successful at or are you ready to move off in a completely new direction? Answers to these questions should provide a direction for your website, SEO, and what is posted to social media.

Online marketing is cheap, efficient and can be focused as narrowly or as dispersed as you'd like it to be. A plan that is well thought out and concise can move your business forward into the future.

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