Monday, August 26, 2013

We've Added Wordpress!

In May, Blue Heron Moon Web Consulting worked probono on a site that was using WordPress to get the word out on a local festival honoring the work of Cole Porter. It was the first work we did using the WordPress format and the fact that time and resources were crunched (we were only a week away from the festival) just proved to me that the WordPress format is a great tool to add to website development and management.

In fact, when I did a recently scheduled update of the Blue Heron Moon Web Consulting Website I used WordPress and a group of helpful plugins that handle everything from design to SEO. WordPress doesn't shorten the time spent on website development. Nor does it make things easier to do for the typical small business owner "do it yourself-er."

What it does is offer a package and a great number of gadgets to make your website more customizable to your needs. Pick a static site or one that is more dynamic. Add a search engine optimization plugin that combs your verbiage, suggests keyword tweaks, and even gives you a readability factor. Choose from one of many sliders or choose from one of many themes.

Adding and controlling media such as pictures and video may require a bit of tweaking. And you may need to point your site to more user friendly, and Search Engine friendly URL's.

All in all, a WordPress site will fill the needs for any small business with simple site requirements. We'll be happy to install a WordPress site for you or tweak what you have; contact us today!                    

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