Friday, September 6, 2013

Different Views

Ever wonder what your site looks like on an iPad or particular smart phone? Wonder no more; just head over to Screenfly and enter the URL of the page you're curious about.  Your site will come up in a simulator window.

You can test among several devices---desktop, mobile phones, tablets, and television and also go retro to see how your site measures up for those visitors who maybe using vintage equipment to view your site. You can even choose a custom setting for when that dedicated customer lets you know that there is something not quite right when the site is viewed at a particular custom resolution.

Even the most expensive sites and even high end tech sites don't always look perfect on every device. You should consider who your target customer is and what device most of your customers might be using.  Most of the time a happy balance between usability and aesthetics for as many devices and resolutions as possible will ensure a great experience for every visitor to your site. And it's great to have this kind of tool available so you can easily see how your site measures up.

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