Monday, October 18, 2010


A ghostwriter may be just what you need to get a blog started. The ghostwriter can provide content and make you sound like a great person.

Ghostwriters are not a new concept, they've been around seemingly from the beginning of time. Mozart actually ghost wrote compositions for patrons that wanted to be viewed as talented composers.

A ghosterwriter can also handle your email correspondence and interface between you and your customers.

When you are thinking about a ghostwriter be sure to be clear regarding what subjects you expect and what type of responses you would like to have the ghost writer send. The ghostwriter should be writing as an extension of you; as your proxy.

Outline what control, if any you would like to have over the end product. Does the writing get done and sent to you for approval? Are there certain responses that can be sent without approval?

These items should be outlined in advance. The rules should  not be so stringent that they hold up regular blogs to your customers or responses to their emails. With a little advance planning your blog will be a masterpiece that writes itself without you.

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