Monday, October 11, 2010

Why your business should have a website.

There's a small businessman in town that is a marketing genius and he used the web to do it.

Today's customers like to interact. They like to feel appreciated. They want value and they want to belong. If you give them all of this, they will loyally return time and time again.

This small businessman put up a website. He added some history about his business. He gathered email addresses. He gave small discounts and advance notice to sale items to his website customers. It was like joining an insiders club.

If you give customers what they want they will return to you again and again. They will tweet friends about you. They will forward email newsletters to their family members. They'll welcome your newsletter into their inbox every week.

And when your newsletter is in their inbox they won't forget to come visit your business.

Websites are one of the most reasonable priced ways that you can interact with your customers. Go ahead; make them feel special; part of the family. They'll keep coming back to you time and time again.          

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