Monday, October 25, 2010

New samples on the Blue Heron Moon Website

I've been working on updating the samples on the website. It's a challenge doing the samples. I prefer getting the customer's requirements and then working out the site; sometimes though, a little bit of inspiration is in order.

Last week I put a sample together that I think would be great for a retail business, service business such as a hair salon or dog groomer, or any business where you have loads of information, products, and services that you want to put out there.

Everyone has seen those sites that are so busy you can't find what you need. The retail sample handles this problem by having a main category menu up on top with each secondary page containing lower level, left side menus. This takes the clutter off of the landing page and allows the visitor to have a more pleasant organized experience.

If you're in need of an interesting, more organized layout for your retail site and don't want to take it on yourself; take a look at our sample and then give us a call. 

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