Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Key Words

A good analytics software will provide you with the key words that helped potential customers find your website. It will also provide you with a hearty chuckle every now and then.

A recent customer of a handcrafted site found the site with the search words "mmmm pie." The online store couldn't help with that one but someone else was looking for diaper covers for little boys and there were a lot of people looking for St. Patrick's Day napkins. These were things the store's owner might be able to provide to potential customers.

Keep an eye on those keywords. You maybe able to provide potential customers a route to your online store.

Another way to look at keywords is to look at what people are talking about and the top key words that the major search engines indicate. Can your business be of service, even get in the discussion or provide information? Don't miss an opportunity--keep an eye on those key words.   

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