Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 5 Secrets to Coming up on Top of Search Engines

Seems like there are more experts than ever who can put your business on top of the search engines for a fee. And there are more businesses that are willing to dish out the dough to be at the top. Being on top isn't about magic; it's about work and depending on just how much competition your business has online it may require a whole lot of hard work.

So here's five ways that can help you begin:

  1. Put up a website, publish it properly and update it frequently. You will not do very well without fresh and up to date information. 
  2. Start a blog, make sure it's linked to your website. Blog regularly.
  3. Have a Facebook, Twitter, and Google page. Link them all to your website, blog, and each other. Post regularly.
  4. Yahoo, Google, and many yellow page sites offer free listings with links back to your website. The more of these entities you sign up with the more likely you will appear when someone searches for your products and services. 
  5. Make sure your location, your information, hours of operations, and any other information is up to date in all the sites where your business appears. You'll want to have this information managed and monitored.    
The internet is a web of information. The more that you contribute to the web the better your business shows up in that web. Not magic. Just hard work that any business can benefit from.

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