Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giving Your Customers Plenty of Room

Today's online environment allows even the smallest business to give customers plenty of room to comment and love what you do. It also allows you to handle any issues, explain and amend any contrary comments.

Many sites that come up on search engines allow businesses to be entered by customers who then go on to comment and rate the business. I've seen good comments and bad in my research of businesses that I'm in need of--everything from veterinary services, to dog grooming to dentists.

The good comments are worthwhile if there are more than one or two.

The bad comments only hold weight if they go unanswered. When the customers concerns are acknowledged and diffused the negative comment can become a huge marketing opportunity to show just how responsive your business is to customer service.

Monitoring the web through a weekly search of your business name and genre on search engines, in addition to using web tools offered free by Bing and Google allows you to uncover just what customers are saying about you. And this needs to be done whether you have a website or facebook page or whether you have even placed your own business information on the web yourself.

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