Monday, April 16, 2012

Product Descriptions

Selling online can be a bit challenging. Even if you spend a lot of time writing an accurate description of an item, you may not include everything a potential customer needs to decide to make a purchase and most people will not stop to ask questions but will go to the next shop that may have a better description.

And once they've left your site, chances are you've lost them. So your product descriptions are important. When you're writing descriptions you should use all your senses to examine your item:

  1. What does it really look like? Does it shine? What color is it? If it's vintage or used are there defects or patina? Accurate descriptions will include all the details
  2. Does the item have a feel to it? If it's a machine is it heavier than it looks? If it's a sweater, is it soft? 
  3. Does it smell? Has it been used in a smoky environment?---fess up unless you can get rid of the smell (Febreze doesn't do it). If it's vintage does it smell musty?
  4. What about sound? 
  5. Don't forget about taste if that applies.
Some customers will only look at the pictures---so make sure they accurately show the product. These customers will usually ask questions that are already answered in your posting---that's OK because then you have the opportunity to expound on why you and your product is the best that they can buy.

So when you are listing online don't forget to create an atmosphere for your customers to make them feel as if they are physically right there with that product and they just might stick around for a purchase.    

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