Monday, July 9, 2012


If you're familiar with iGoogle then you know that an iGoogle page is made up of widgets. And if you also manage a business blog you may have even attempted to make a widget of your own to submit to Google so that your blog posts could be included as a widget on your customers iGoogle pages.

IGoogle is going away but widgets are part of the web and will continue to be part of the web as a convenient conveyor of news. And it's extremely easy to use Netvibes to make a widget of your site---place it in a box for your users to import into their home pages.

Better yet build a Netvibes page that you can use to monitor news regarding your products and services. You can even build a public page for your users to follow and incorporate it into your website. This is just another marketing tool to stay on your user's desktop so that when they need services and products that you sell, your business is right in front.

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