Monday, October 15, 2012

Cheer Leading on Social Media

Social Media for business is all about creating your brand recognition and engaging your customers. So what are customers looking for?

  • A social club---customers want to belong, be on a first name basis with your business, to be part of your inner circle
  • Tips and/or give-aways---a 20% off coupon, a tip that allows customers to save money, or something totally free, delights and surprises and customers love it.  
  • Exclusivity---customer's want to claim you and let others know that you belong to them.   
  • Entertainment---a joke, a story---something that allows customers to identify and have a "me too" moment.
  • Information on your business, your attitude towards customers, your products---be sure you have links back to your own website once you teased a contact's appetite for more information through social media.
Social Media, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or others, is cheer leading for your business. It's a nice demonstration of just how dedicated you are to your customer base and allows your customers to join you in the cheer.   

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