Monday, October 8, 2012

Stats---Only Half the Story

Viewing stats of your website or blog? Figures are available on number of views, locations of viewers, browsers you should be building for, view times, and connection speeds of your viewers.

But those statistics only tell you half the story and they increasingly are telling less and less about the total views of your site. Most statistics are driven off of cookies. Cookies can be accepted sometimes, accepted never, or accepted always by your viewers. Most customers don't worry about cookies and will accept them. Yet there are some customers who believe incorrectly that cookies store personally identifying information, so they won't allow them at all.

Some devices, though, don't deal with cookies. Some mobile devices won't give you any stats. Also there is the issue of the news reader that is used to view your blog, for example. Some readers will not produce a view statistic.

As a result, while using statistics generated is useful, it's important to keep in mind the other ways a view of your site could be generated and test and build for your whole audience.

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