Monday, September 13, 2010


Google Analytics allows you to analyze content for your site, and experiment with different content to find what works for your needs.

You can measure:

  1. What content interests your visitors the most.
  2. What page on your website is attracting the most visitors.
  3. What page attracts the most exits.
  4. Site overlay showing which items on your page attract the most interest.
Each metric comes with measurements of number of visitors, bounce rates, average time on page, and dollars spent if appropriate.

Once you have some data collected you can start tweaking your website strategy.

Let's say you are blogging about a variety of topics but one of your topics is attracting the most visitors; your metric may be telling you to expand on that topic.

Or one of your pages showcases a new product. This page is getting a lot of traffic that bounces right off your site. Why? Do you provide enough information for your potential customers? --View your additional info link through your site overlay.

Pages that feed other pages on your website indicate interest that creates a desire for more. Bench marking exit pages with different criteria can allow you to expand interest and discover just what you can do to keep your customer's interest.  

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