Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keeping your Audience Enthralled by Your Blog

Do you wonder what topics on your blog attract the most viewers? Are you thinking about running a series to explore one of your target topics in more depth?

Google Analytics can provide you with the data that you need to grab the topic with the most interest so that you can expand that topic and keep your audience returning for more.

Sign into your Google account and click on Content/Top Content on the left hand menu. Top topics will be listed.  You can then manipulate the data in anyway that you find helpful.

One wonderful way you can use this data is for your business blog. For example, you might be offering helpful sewing tips on beginning sewing that you feel your customers desire. You also offer intermediate and advanced posts on machine embroidery. By monitoring your content metrics you can target your posts to the needs of your visitors attracting more visitors and sales to your business in the process.

So when you want to find out what interests your audience and attract more visits to your blog keep an eye on the content tab.

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