Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How do your customers find you?

When customers search for your services or products on the internet do they find you or your competitor? Do you know?

Customers find you on the web in several ways:

  1. By keying or copying your link in directly. These are people who have been given your website or have visited you before and have bookmarked your site.  
  2. Search engines; Google, Bing, etc. 
  3. Referring sites;  Twitter, a social network site, affilliated product site, or any site that has a referring link to your site.  
Finding out how your customers find you is an important part of the process in tweaking your website.

Once you know that 20% of your customers find you through a search engine you can research what kind of searches your visitors perform. Are the keywords appropriate for your site?

How about the 60% of visitors arriving from referring sites? Are you taking advantage of all the possible sites that could be linking up and referring customers to your business?

And lastly do your current customers have your web address, a reason to return to your site every so often, and a reason to pass your site information on to their friends?

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