Wednesday, September 14, 2011

E-commerce without a website of your own Part two

Selling products on is a fairly painless procedure. The best sellers are books, of course, but if you have some used or fairly new electronics, software, or DVD's--- they do well too.

On Amazon the rules are made by Amazon and their teams of Pro sellers---a seller that is not paying a monthly fee to be a Pro Seller is not allowed to enter or change information in the catalog except to upload a picture of an item that doesn't have one. In other words, you are limited to the products that are already listed on Amazon.

In addition you are competing with Amazon's best new price and those of the pros that can offer free shipping and other Amazon perks to customers. Shipping fees are set by Amazon and cannot be changed.

But in spite of all the controls Amazon is a fair, equitable, and efficient place to sell online. It's very easy to manage inventory all in one place and you get your own store front that you can customize somewhat.

All fees for products pass through Amazon and they can become quite hefty. Not only does Amazon charge a commission on each sale of 6-25%. But a closing fee is also charged. But there is no fee to list an item and an item that doesn't sell isn't costing anything to remain in your store.

All said, Amazon is a fair place to do business on small electronics, books, and DVD's. Buyers are usually educated on a product before shopping Amazon so the first notice you'll receive of any interest of your product at all is a notice of sale. You ship out within three business days and receive your funds within a week or two. A fairly painless procedure that usually garners you an excellent rating.            

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