Monday, September 26, 2011

E-commerce without a website of your own Part five

Whether you choose between e-Bay, Amazon, Etsy or some other website (or even your own) to sell your products one issue that you will always face is how to keep your listing on top of the search agents and how to make it stand out from the rest.

One way is to link your site to an expert blog; no matter what you're selling or where you do the selling--- you need to be the expert.

  • What kind of features does your product have that makes it special? 
  • What kind of uses does your product have? 
  • Are there uses for your product that a potential customer isn't aware of yet? 
  • What do YOU offer the customer that no one else can?      

If you can answer these questions in the first few lines of your listing and then list more detailed information, it doesn't matter where you're doing the selling---you'll be one step closer to that sale.

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