Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook Timeline

We're busy re-doing Facebook pages this week. I've looked at many of the big guys pages to get ideas--see what they're doing; they, after all have huge staffs.

I like Walmart's page the best so far. They're page is bright and fresh---the framed pictures are representative of Walmart customers and products, yet the cover photo still complies with Facebook guidelines. Brand identification is Walmart's sunny logo---not quite what I'd pick but it is growing in identification.

The "about" section includes a quote from Sam Walton that personifies Walmart's mission---an excellent subtle marketing effort for this area. I would have added a link to the Walmart website to this area.

But the best part of this page is what they did to the links section. A spot for photo's, a local Walmart locator, feedback link, and meal recipes are sure to draw customers in to socialize, engage, and share in Walmart's space.        

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