Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook's new format places that Profile Picture at even a bigger premium than before. In a square 180 pixels by 180 pixels you need to tell the world who you are---your brand. And some of the biggest brands miss the boat.

I cringed when visiting one of my favorite congressman's page and found that his profile was a picture of him at a podium---several feet back from the podium. It's even doubtful if anyone could make out who was at the podium with 3000 pixels---a missed opportunity.

There is no mistaking Coke's profile picture though, even as they are adjusting the branding again. Amazon, Tide, Target, and Kmart all cram their branding into 180 pixels by 180 pixels that is easily identifiable no matter how small the image is reduced---a challenge well met.  

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