Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Landing Page

Your home page is where most of the visitors to your site will enter your online store. Think of it as your front door comparable to the front door of your physical location.

When a customer lands on that home page a few things should immediately happen:

  • It should be immediately apparent what your business does.
  • The customer should be welcomed.
  • There should be enticements to enter other areas of your site.
  • Your brand should be immediately identifiable and consistent throughout the rest of your site.
  • Navigation to other pages should be clear and in good working order.
Thinking of your landing page as your front door helps to determine what information should be included and what should be left off. A sampling of photographs of your products, your logo, a catchy slogan and clear and concise enticements to come in and explore what you have to offer and who you are will have visitors exclaiming with delight over what you have to offer.

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