Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Product Review: HP Printer Photosmart Premium C309

The HP Photosmart Premium C309 printer prints some great photos. Its print is clear and concise. It does a good job at double sided brochures and fliers.

But it isn't the workhorse that past HP printers are known for. This printer is temperamental. My initial C309 was returned to HP; it printed one or two photos absolutely stunningly and then printed everything covered in a blue wash. And it didn't keep the network connection.

HP stood behind their product; shipped a new printer and provided additional instructions via email on how to ship the defective one back to HP. They followed up in regard to how the new one was operating. For a while it did well; printed pictures and text, two sided brochures.

The wireless is a different issue. It continually drops the network connection and only restarting the printer, sometimes several times, will fix the issue.

Another issue with the printer, (it is not exactly plug and play), is that Vista has a difficulty loading the driver software and, as little as 6 months ago, the CD that shipped with the printer didn't include the Windows 7 driver; requiring a download from the website.

The printer also uses 5 ink cartridges that seemingly are always out of ink. A cartridge costs roughly $10.00 to replace and together all five are expensive.

This is a fine printer if you would like to use it wired and can afford the ink. But if you plan to go wireless, my recommendation is that you find another printer.        

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