Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's tempting to use stock photos and verbiage imported from your product vendor. Often the import is on hundreds of products and is done by a web designer/coder that has little knowledge of your product or business past the web development.

And as time consuming and monotonous as it may be, all photos and verbiage need to be verified.

I recently had an experience with a company who I've been doing business with for years. A few years ago they were a catalog outlet with good prices and service. They had a loyal customer in me until this most recent, website experience.

A stock photo and verbiage was shown for a scanner on their website. The scanner showed a cable and verbiage states that a stand is included. I emailed prior to purchase to verify the cable and connections. When the scanner came, it was without the cable and no stand was included. When I called I was told too bad---the website uses stock pictures that the company is not responsible for.

Costing them a customer of over 20 years. Lesson learned.        

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