Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Importance of Managing Your Business Online ---Website or Not

Whatever the reason, many small business owners choose not to have a website. Some have attempted to build their own and had no luck. Many have hired a student cheaply and been left high and dry with an unfinished website and no password to get in and fix and finish. And there are businesses that just don't want to be on line.

Whether your business has a website or not, your business is likely to have an online presence. There are sites that encourage people to log on and enter reviews of businesses in their area. Sometimes, if a customer has a fantastic experience that stays fresh in the mind, a business may get  kudos online.

Quite often, though, the review is negative. And if the review is allowed to linger without comment it may reflect permanently on that business.

Take a recent example: I had a friend who was unhappy with her vet and searched on line for alternatives in her area. The closest vet in the area had a negative comment, left by an unhappy customer, that came up in her initial search. After reviewing the comment my friend decided to go with another vet. It wasn't that she believed the disgruntled customer's story totally, but that the complaint was unresolved.

A customer was lost. So---whether you are online with your own website or not, your online presence is still there and requires management. If you are unsure how to proceed contact us and we'll be happy to show you how.  

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