Monday, August 1, 2011

Websites 101---After the .com Purchase

So you have your hosting and your own .com--so what's next?

Many business owners will try to build a website on their own and, if you are tech savvy this is a fine, economical way to go. This option is especially wonderful if you just want to get your brand and logo out there and don't need anything fancy or custom. Most hosting providers furnish you with template software--pick your colors, upload your logo and a couple of pictures and away you go.

For more complicated sites a call to a web consultant may save a lot of time and aggravation. If you're thinking of collecting customer information, setting up databases, or creating an E-commerce site, do yourself a favor and at least opt for one consultation with web consultant---it'll save you some time.

And by all means---never post your web address directly to a web page. If you do eventually you will get spammed---a very annoying and time consuming diversion from necessary business. There are programs to hide web addresses from spammers, but at the very least post  your address as "mail at yourcompany dot com."            

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