Monday, August 2, 2010

Got spam?

Is spam burying some inboxes at your company?

At one business only certain mailboxes were being spammed with most of the inboxes receiving little or no spam.

Even more frustrating was the fact that the inbox of one of the CEO's just happened to be receiving the most offensive amount of spam.

An investigation revealed that when the company website was built the email of the CEO had been posted directly onto the website. This allowed the web-bots responsible for harvesting addresses for spam to reap the CEO's inbox.

This issue could have been easily avoided by the addition of a simple JavaScript program designed to disguise the posted email addresses from unscrupulous spammers.

While the JavaScript program is generally not overlooked by web builders, it is sometimes left out by business owners building their own sites.

Emails belong in contact information but no email address should ever be posted to the web without protection.

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