Monday, August 9, 2010

Content or Construction: What's More Important?

Does content take priority over construction?

Will customers overlook a few error messages to get to your superior information or display?

What will it take for your customer to bookmark your page; returning again and again for your content?

Why have errors at all? Website design should not be used if the website has errors in any major web browser. Your design should be tested over several different platforms. The code should be up to date. How does your site look at different screen resolutions? Try looking at your site with different browser settings. Does a browser based change in font make your site look unappealing? Are you irritating your client with too many cookies?

It costs little to keep your content fresh and appealing. A website is not like the physical location of your business where you move in and forget it. Keeping content and the look fresh, non-static, and engaging will help to keep interested customers coming back and will keep your company fresh in your customer's mind. Whether that potential customer needs your product or service today or next year; give him or her a reason to come back to your site by providing expert information and advice.

When customers bookmark your site with a reason to return regularly, that customer will think of your business first whenever the need for your service or product arises.

Professionally built and fully tested websites with dynamic, exciting content make all the difference.    

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